April 18, 2006

TOP SECRET: Graduation Plans

Sorry, kids. That post was simply too much to worry about. Just you try making certain words certain colors and see how it turns out on Blogger!
But so noone has hard feelings about their comments, they have been kept here:

lvs said...

Ok, I just want you to know that that post made me Tearful, because I haven't seen you guys in So Long, and because I wish I could do a condo weekend again, and because it makes remember that fateful weekend to Akron after Dan's graduation? Remember? Rum, gin, and Tommy Boy? Remember?

10:16 PM
Trey said...

Tasted like Christmas.

11:29 PM
Jen said...

i think you need to add "seeing Jen" at some point in that long list of yours. it's kind of incomplete without me, if you know what i mean...and i RLY think you do.

11:03 AM
Donkey Patrol said...

Trey, you need to come visit the admissions office as well. Clearly you didn't work out your itenary with the RIGHT priorities in mind.

Anyway, speaking of the admissions office, I've been tossing around some ideas in my head for an Admissions Counselor musical. If I throw some songs together, can you get someone to write the music? I think it would be a big hit on broadway, but I think I'd like to release it off broadway so as to draw people away from the mainstream deluge of new plays and musicals that proliferate in midtown. I'm thinking about maybe opening it in a theatre in Astoria. Any thoughts?

2:41 PM
Donkey Patrol said...

Hey Trey you clearly need to visit the admissions office as well. I'll even let you answer my phones for the afternoon wooooo!!

But speaking of the admissions office, I've been throwing together some ideas for songs which I want to include in my (ba ba ba baaaaaa) Admissions counselor Musical!! I'm thinking it could be a huge hit if I could get some one to write some killer music for my hit lyrics. I also think I'd like to release my musical off broadway, like maybe in a theatre in Astoria. Now that's out-of-the-box. Do you know anyone who could help me out? And once I get this finalized, I need you to help me get a cast together since you have thesbian friends.

2:44 PM
Donkey Patrol said...

your dang comment moderator throws me off.

2:45 PM
Trey said...

And I loved having the opportunity to post both.
It's like drafts of my cover letters.

2:48 PM

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Blogger sbp said ... (5:07 PM) : 

I *MAY* be in town that weekend, because my sister is graduating from Westminster then as well.

I know it's going to be crazy, traffic will be horrible, and you will be busy catching up with and bidding farewell to the people who are actually in your class, but perhaps if you're in the neighborhood, we could say a quick hello.

Graduation was an amazing day. People I thought hated me came up to give me huge hugs. Even your nemeses will miss you.


Blogger Donkey Patrol said ... (1:23 PM) : 

I am so embarassed


Blogger The Quotable Hannah said ... (9:06 PM) : 

Write something more, you weenie.


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