April 14, 2006

One Step Further

If I'm beating the dead horse that is song title surveys, might as well beat the deader horse known as DC Talk:

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band.
Band/Artist: DC Talk
Are you male or female?: We Three Kings
Describe yourself: I Luv Rap Music
How do some people feel about you?: Like It. Love It. Need It.
How do you feel about yourself?: What if I Stumble?
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: I Don’t Want It
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Mind’s Eye
Describe where you want to be: Free At Last
Describe what you want to be: That Kinda Girl
Describe how you live: Colored People
Describe how you love: Luv is a Verb
Share a few words of wisdom: Some People Gotta Learn the Hard Way

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