April 10, 2006

More Complete Update

No party is any fun unless seasoned with folly
~Desiderius Erasmus

Graduation is 40 days away. Even though I’m not in class, scurrying to finish projects and cram for finals, I’m very much looking forward to this day. It’s something that not many people in my family have done. Neither of my parents did, nor did my grandparents. There have been a few cousins, but it took them several years. Even though I’m already done, just going up to get that empty booklet and a handshake is something that will bring about a pretty substantial sense of accomplishment.

My campus email account was officially removed. I find it very irritating. Not only because previous alums have been able to use their accounts for years after their graduation, but because I don’t get to use mine even up to the point where I get my diploma. I know for a fact that there are dinners and banquets and pickup information on my cap&gown and stuff, but I won’t know about it because SL&L can’t possibly let me know. I tried going to the ever-useful my.gcc, but any information that would be helpful is in the “on-campus use only” section. But thank God I was able to access a message board where some Grover was promoting these sandals.

So I’ve emailed friends and family to see if they have any information. But seriously, if anyone knows anything about graduation, caps and gowns, dinners, or any other events surrounding the most important event in college, let me know.

But like I said earlier, I’m mainly excited about seeing everyone. It’s odd how breaks have gone unnoticed. I never realized how nice it was that we would get off a couple of long weekends and 10 freaking days for Spring Break. Not that I mind working consistently through this time. On the contrary, I like getting consistent (although dismal) numbers on my paychecks. But I don’t get the same opportunity to get out and see people. The only people coming up to NYC are Touring Choir people, and that leaves only the adorable YJ for company. Whatever happened to “let’s take a road trip and see a show”? Ah well, I get to go to GCC and home in a little over a month, so I’m plenty happy.

And the weather’s getting nice, so I feel like I can venture out and do fun things in the city. Just last Sunday, I had nothing to do so I took the train to the north end of Central Park and walked all the way to the south end, where I went to Borders in Columbus Circle and sat and read some memoirs. But sometimes nothing beats sitting around and doing nothing. I slept quite literally all day yesterday. Granted, I didn’t feel well, but it was relaxing nonetheless.

Now, to catch you up on fun interesting New York-y things.

First of all, Beatherman alerted me earlier of seeing a Cynthia Nixon on gofugyourself.com. “She’s standing in front of a [company that I work for] background!” Yes. Yes she is. And I was there. Harry and Kelli show up later, but it was the same event. And I got to be all, “Yeah, I was there.”

This was our 40th Anniversary Spring Gala Benefit, where we celebrated every single musical we’ve ever done. We had members from the original casts of each show, and they all sang at least one song from those shows. It was an amazing concert.

People I met: Michael Cerveris, Rosemary Harris, Jane Krakowski, Carla Gugino, Martin Short, Liam Neeson, Nelly McKay, Brent Spiner, and all the other fabulous people I’ve run into already. They all performed songs from She Loves Me, Company, Assassins, Pacific Overtures, Nine, Big River, 12 Angry Men, Pajama Game, and lots of other shows. It was neat, to say the least.

Unlike other events, though, we had different food from the people that had paid thousands of dollars to be there. But it was pretty good. It was interesting because we had to walk through the performers’ green room to get to the staff room, so there was a lot of crossover fun. About five of us were standing in a circle discussing getting celebs to their cars when Kelli O’Hara pops up and says, “Hey guys! What’s goin’ on? How can I help? …OK, awkward…” and tiptoed away.

I walked Martin Short to his car. That was probably the highlight of the evening.

Then on Thursday we had our Three Penny “Underworld” Party. Imagine with me (and click on logos):

You’re in a very typical “Night of the Roxbury” joint in the middle of the meat-packing district. There are Finlandia models in silver mini skirts and ugg stilettos handing out free vodka. People are getting makeovers from Too Faced in the corner. donna l'oren models are running around everywhere, but hardly anyone appreciates them. And guys in 2(x)ist are dancing around spraying everyone with Cumming the Fragrance.

If you’re thinking that this was one of the weirder nights of my life, you’re thinking correctly. I was the VIP bouncer. Whose idea was that? But I got to let all the important people in, and they told me I was a much nicer bouncer than the one hired by the club to be out front.

As you’ve probably guessed, it was kind of a night celebrating commercialism. We all got gift bags with 2(x)ist underwear, Too Faced makeup, samples of Cumming, and Donna Loren panties and negligees. So I’ve got graduation presents for everyone! Shhhh…

But the highlight of that evening was definitely Cyndi Lauper. She may have fallen away from being as famous as Madonna, but she still knows how to party.

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Blogger Trey said ... (3:37 PM) : 

just so you know, all the links to the products promoted at the underworld party were originally pictures. Somehow in the transfer they became oddly-colored links.


Blogger Rain-Dawg said ... (11:24 PM) : 

Yeah, sorry about the whole roadtrip thing. It's not my fault, I swear. I guess adults have things called schedules that conflict with other adults' schedules and stuff. Weird. We'll get up there at some point. Don't you worry about it.


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