March 10, 2006

Eye Heart New York

So, I posted on a bad day and then didn’t post again for awhile. This, I feel, has been a bad representation of my life. To remedy this golb affliction, I simply removed my sappy self-pitying post. College yay. Real world boo. We all saw it coming.

And now, for why I love life.

I’m 22 now. It’s the first non-landmark birthday I’ve had in a long time. I guess you could call it a landmark because it’s the first non-landmark, but at best that’s antithetical and lackluster nomatter how you look at it. I guess it just kinda makes me more of an adult, but helps me realize I have a long way to go.

I celebrated my B-day at the office by bringing Nutella and pretzels to work. Kinda like when your mom used to bring cupcakes for the whole class, but with a lot less work. Afterwards me and some office friends went out to Applebee’s, which is a lot like the Applebees’ at home, but about twice as expensive.

There we had the oh-so-fun discussion of how a traditional conservative could possibly get along in this industry. The secret is to lie and to hide it. If you share your beliefs, you’re insensitive and closed-minded. If you respect those around you and stay quiet about your beliefs, they’re able to cling onto them just enough to point out that you don’t care about anyone when they find out.

So lie. And if it gets out, do your best to pretend beliefs don’t exist.

I took a long weekend, and spent the day on the train picking up my parents from JFK. Another tip: when you have friends visiting the city, tell them to get a cab. It’s an hour both ways on the train and $12 to get in and out of the airport. This is even more exhausting when you have to do it twice. Mom and Dad surprised me by flying up Randi, which was great.

It was easy to pick up right where I left off with everyone. I’d planned a whole itinerary for everyone, but I pretty much forgot about it and just did things a little spontaneously. Since it was so cold (unlike this weekend) I pretty much settled on getting them to see as many shows as possible. They’d already bought tickets for Pajama Game because they had to see my show We also went to TKTS and they got tickets to Spelling Bee, which I still haven’t seen. But I got tickets for me and Randi to see Sweeny Todd, because I knew she was a Sondheim fan, and it’s the show that PJ Game is competing with for best revival. Saturday morning Dad and I went to get Spamalot SRO tickets, then checked out the Wicked lottery just in case. Mom won the lottery, and I sold the two extra Spamalot tickets. So five shows all I all, without me being able to pull any strings, and we did it o a pretty good budget. Yay

Mom baked me a German chocolate cake, as per the tradition for my entire life. We ate about half of it, then I got to finish it over the next week in my apartment. Yay. Oh yeah, I got to stay at the Embassy Suites with them. Quiet, clean, and cable. Also yay.

I got to show everyone the World Trade Center, Times Square, Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center, etc. Once again, my thirst for tourism was renewed (though this weekend I think I’ll just stay at home…) But I had to act frustrated with them when they took pictures I Times Square. Mainly due to the fact that I had to stay true to my daily frustration with people who get in my way when I’m working.

I was sad when thy left, and really tired. I got to do pretty much everything I thought we should, and I think seeing me doing okay inspired their confidence in me.

This week, at our “behind the scenes look at Three Penny Opera” I got to meet Alan Cumming. He came in and was easily the coolest guy in the building. While others were dressed to impress, Alan walked in wearing purple track pants and a button-down with his work boots, sporting a blonde Mohawk. I really couldn’t think of anything to say to him like, “what possessed you to do Spy Kids?” or “are you serious about your fragrance?” All I could think of was “I-loved-you-as-nightcrawler-in-X2” so I just told him where the bar was. Unabashedly cursing up a storm while talking about his experience in show business and scratching himself hardcore, nobody took offense because of his enchanting Welsh accent. (I’m working on my Welsh, by the way. That shit’s dynamite.)

Anyway, we had lots of hors d’oeuvres like brie and lamb and raw salmon. I got to talk about a possible job opening at Roundabout. Exciting times.

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I'm so happy that you are having such a good time. I am also so happy that you called me. :-) Great talking to you! Hopefully (crosses fingers) I'll actually SEE you soon.


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