December 17, 2007

Criminy! Christmas Couplets!

'Tis the week before Christmas, and here in my cube
Without motivation, contempt I exude
There's FedEx to be packaged and mail to be sent
But at 10:00 Monday I'm already spent
There are five days to go before I can say
"I think I'll get up at 1:30 today."
But, alas, my alarm, both unwelcome and shrill
made me drag my ass here to continue the drill
I'm back where I started, some desk in a row
Wondering quietly why I hate this job so.
The people I work with aren't bitches or jerks.
It's not even true that I don't like to work.
Perhaps it's because this is not what I studied,
Leaving my purpose in life bland and muddied.
"It's Christmas!" I cry with a raise of my fist.
I'm sure you won't see me on Santa's naughty list.
It's simply too late. He can't change his mind.
There are naughtier folk, and he won't find the time.
So I've wasted a day on 24 lines of crap,
There are no nuns with rulers for my wrist to slap.
Yes, my mind is quite free to roam as it may
To one week ahead. Yes, to Christmas Eve Day!
And that, my dear friends, is the joy of the season:
To slack off at work for no earthly good reason.


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