November 16, 2006

oh X-mas...

It's my fourth day enduring my chosen vocation of doing nothing. Surprisingly this day is rather full. My main focus started off as packing for the next week and cleaning my apartment. I also got my car tuned up for the upcoming ROAD TRIP! (I think I'll make that a link to a future post about said road trip.)

But someone threw a wrench in the gears. That someone was me. I was in Target yesterday buying D&L's wedding gift (the only thing available that they registered for) along with plastic to cover the windows in my poorly-insulated attic, when I stumbled into a winter wonderland between electronics and home improvement. While browsing through my eyes fell upon a fantastically cheap X-mas tree. It's somewhere between Charlie Brown's and the one in Rockefeller Center, and it suits me just fine.

Today, I simply couldn't resist setting it up. It's the first time that I've had my very own Christmas tree, and the novelty was just too much to let wait. Normally I frown upon those who set up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I won't be back in my apartment until the day after Thanksgiving, so I figure I've justified myself.

Unfortunately I don't have a working digital camera, so I can't show you what it looks like. But I'm posting this in the middle of working on it, so I couldn't show you the finished product anyway. Just rest assured that it's relatively awesome in a mundanely domestic sense, and that it makes me very happy.


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Blogger Sarah said ... (4:49 PM) : 

Awesome and mundanely domestic are one and the same thing.

I love Christmas trees! I can't wait to get my own! The Meg Formerly Known as Boss and her husband Phillip and I have made our own holiday tradition where we go to a tree farm that takes us out on horse-drawn wagons to the tree fields; we then cut our own and wait for a ride back. You can buy hot cider and unnecessary ornaments at the general store. Then we load the trees onto Meg and Phillip's car and they drive me home.

And standing around, two women and one man, all happy and grinning and laughing and bickering, and then leaving in the same vehicle, we look totally like some Walton Mormon family.

It's an impression we like to cultivate.

Enjoy decorating! Have a safe trip! Give D&L my love!


Blogger Beth said ... (5:36 PM) : 

A Christmas tree! Woohoo! Christmas trees are one of my favorite things in life. My mom likes to remind me that, when my second or third birthday was coming up and she asked me what I wanted, I requested a Christmas tree. (Adding to the humor is the fact that my birthday is on June 24.)

Although I prefer real trees (can't beat that smell!), I've come to really love at least one artificial tree. I think that the true measure of its greatness was the fact that Chris Linton nearly fit into the box from whence it came.

... actually that might not have measured the tree's greatness at all. But it was a great moment.


Blogger k.o. said ... (8:35 PM) : 

update. now.


Blogger greensing said ... (11:12 PM) : 

will you never write again???????? tear.


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