October 13, 2007

Yet Another Update

One of these days I'm going to faithfully update this blog, thus negating the necessity of these obligatory updates.

You might notice I deleted a couple of posts. They were boring and primarily about weightloss (that didn't take). They mentioned me being on run crew for an Ella Fitzgerald show. It was fun. It was the lady who sang the original "Reading Rainbow" theme song. Awesome.

APARTMENT: I realize my previous post about the fire near my apartment and crashing at Hannah and Caitlin's place doesn't make much sense if you think we still live in the same house.
I moved in August. My attic apartment in Castle Awesome, though indeed awesome in many ways, sucked on many practical levels. So I followed these logical steps to find a more liveable space:
1. Move away from downtown Cleveland. I'm in Painesville now, which is a largely sucky town, but I live in a nice part of that town, and the rent is still reasonable.
2. Procure a roommate. I'm living with Brendan again. It's even better than college. We have our own bathrooms.
3. That's pretty much it. I love my new place. I'll post pictures eventually.
I miss living in above Caitlin and Hannah, but I see them enough (one might say too much : ) ) Except for that time it almost caught on fire, the place is a vast improvement.

WORK: I worked for a short time as a Credentialling Specialist at a Teleradiology company (say... February-July?). It was about as fun as it sounds, and I abandoned it to work at an outdoor theatre this summer. Fun times. Little money.

Since then I've been, for the large part, unemployed for an unreasonably long time. I continue to work part-time at the Clinic, but it's gettting to the point where I'm desperate for a full-time job. Steady money-flow. Etc.

THEATRE: Sort of a hot-button issue if you're in my local circle of friends. I'm taking a short break for a few reasons:
1. I applied for a "promotion" at the Play House. Didn't work out, and I refused to do runcrew again.
2. I auditioned for a show that I was really excited about, but was not cast. A sizeable blow.
3. There really isn't anything that exciting going on. At least not in the near future.
4. I might take a second-shift job (we're a little hazy on when it actually begins), making it impossible to do theatre anyway.

ETC: I haven't updated my blog because I feel that my life is significantly less interesting than I (and, I assume, my readers) have come to expect. I have no other excuse than that. I'm positively made of time.

I'm still very single. I've made no earth-shattering theological or metaphysical discoveries. There are few new friends. I've gone nowhere important. I might be depressed.

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