November 14, 2006

I have so much freaking time on my hands!

Since I quit my job I’ve had absolutely nothing to do. Actually I have plenty to do, but I don’t feel like leaving my house today. So I’ve been researching various anagrams. My new favorite pastime. First, of course, I anagrammed myself. Since my usual name yielded sparse results (Tiring Yelp was the best), I decided to use my real name, and I got the following:

Peeling Alumni – Remember that time we had Homecoming in July?
Penile Mauling – There were several comments for this one floating around in my head. Let’s just say that my judgment couldn’t allow any of them to linger. But the anagram was still too good to pass up.
Penile Mail Gun – Could come in handy if I ever become a postman in a nudist colony. And it’s always been a small goal of mine have the word, ‘penile’ twice in one paragraph. Huzzah!
Maple Linguine – You can’t know you hate it until you’ve tried it.

Obviously I couldn’t stop after my own name. So I started off with a friend who I spoke with while I was in Grove City last weekend. You know who you are. You tried to anagram by yourself, but it took me mere moments to find a veritable plethora of humor:
A Hornlike Eatery / Hokey Arena Tiler / Reheat Leaky Iron / Holy Rake Trainee / Royal Tree Hankie / A Real Inky Hetero

Some other friends (answers below):
Obtained Lofty Growl / Flow’ry Debating Tool / Writ Fabled Ontology
Dalmatian Chins / Mini Hat Scandal / Damn Satan Chili
Windmill Arias / Arid Mini Walls / Mild Raisin Law
Anal Dawdlers / New Lard Salad
Beneath Her Malt / M… then Herbal Tea
Ant Paradise / Irate Pandas / Pasta Rained / Nad Parasite
Hot Malt Man (oddly suited)
Maniac Imitator
Chin Nostril
Man Itinerary / Yearn Martini / In Main Artery
Recently a Parka / Try Real Pancake / Yak Trap Cleaner
Damn Rash
Its Slimy Hand
Tear Phrases
Jaded Smut

Also, Tom Riddle had a few other options besides, “I am Lord Voldemort.”
Divide Mom or a Troll
Drilled a Vomit Room
Just to name a couple. J.K. Rowling wasn’t really on top of her game. Seriously, woman.

End Note: I clearly got these ideas from the Cap’n. But to be fair, he left out his best anagram, possibly the greatest anagram of all:
Congrats, Hitler!

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Comments on "I have so much freaking time on my hands!"


Blogger Yax said ... (4:54 PM) : 

So much time, in fact, that I'm surprised you don't have to rent a storage unit to keep some of it in.

Cool anagrams though.


Blogger Beth said ... (5:09 PM) : 


My favorite anagram of my name is "Earl hath bent me." Just thought you'd like to know.


Blogger Cap'n Ganch said ... (12:16 PM) : 

Well, I didn't scroll through all of the options, and if I had seen that little Hitler homage, I'm sure I would have let it fly. As it is, the timing was much better in your post, as mine was a poorly executed attempt to disguise the fact that I've not posted in ages.


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