October 12, 2006

Celebratory Pictures

Alrighty, then. So you heard the news: There’s internet in the Castle Awesome. Now we will have a series of posts that will inform you of everything that is going on with my life (unless I’ve deemed it uninteresting or forgotten it entirely). This one is about the house, AKA The Castle Awesome. Specifically the highest room in the tallest tower: my apartment.

I think the technical term for it is a "bachelor." It's also possible that I made that up. It's effectively a studio except my bedroom is separate. It is very small, but it suits my needs perfectly. Coming from the dorms and my room in NYC, this place is relatively enormous. Plus it keeps me from living above my means, which are very very low.

My digital camera broke. So the pictures I am including are a bit dated. If you’ve ever lived with me (you know who you are) you know that I like to move things around a lot. Which I have done. But still I invested much time in labeling these pictures for your reading pleasure. So here goes.

First of all, this is what my bedroom used to look like before I moved into it and burned everything in sight.

Next is my bedroom as it is today (actually as it was a month ago). Since this picture was taken I moved the bed to the opposite wall to hide unsightly cables and be closer to the air conditioning (so clearly I did it a while back). The next step will be to paint. A lot.

This is my teeny tiny kitchen. But don’t let its ‘bare essentials’ look fool you. I can still whip up some gourmet delishiousness with a George Foreman and a hot plate. The leaky faucet has been replaced, and it is now a fantastic faucet. I staged a one-man rendition of The Miracle Worker the night I first used it.

This is the ‘hall.’ It’s pretty boring. I seriously thought about leaving it out.

This is the ‘living room.’ It has since been completely rearranged and I have hung amazing curtains that Caitlin made. Oh, and I no longer get free cable.

There is no picture of my bathroom. It is small as well. “Soon,” my landlord is going to replace my shower unit by tiling me a huge shower. I’m excited. Well, I’m excited when I pretend that it’s actually going to happen...

Favorite things: Hard wood floors, slanted ceilings, sky lights, and personal space

Least Favorite things: random cords in the walls, no oven, and little climate control.

It snowed today. But I refuse to turn on my heat until at least November. Such is the law of the reigning tightwad of Castle Awesome.


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Blogger Cap'n Ganch said ... (3:20 PM) : 

is that a brandy snifter on your entertainment center?


Blogger stephanie said ... (6:55 PM) : 

Trey - i saw you for 2.1 seconds at the homecoming parade and then never again, so i think maybe i will come visit you sometime (if that's ok) because i miss your smiling face. :) hope your weekend was fabulous!


Blogger Cap'n Ganch said ... (3:31 PM) : 

I need your email. Can you email me at gwnichols AT saintmarieswireless DOT com?



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