August 04, 2006

I am a Liar. I am Ashamed.

It's roughly 7 hours before I drive away from my ol' Ky home... again.

This time I have a lot of crap. Seriously. I thought to myself, "self, this should be easy. You've moved ten times in the last four years. This should be old hat (a phrase I never really understood)" I was mistaken. Dorms and NYC apartments were furnished. Taking your own stuff makes for a looooong day of packing (especially when you put it off to go to a wonderful wedding that everyone else has already talked about... Love was in the air, and I got a little high)

So I've still got lots of crap to get out of my house into a teeny U-Haul. It's dark and difficult to do, but my parents whant to get out of here ASAP and my dad's asleep because he OD'd on Benadryl.

Cheap Seats Version: Really excited about the move. Really nervous about finding a job. Really excited about neighbors (Caitlin's mom note: not roommates). Potentially really excited about regional theatre, you guys. A little creeped out by the girl who occupied my apartment as of last week. Really excited about Cleveland Heights being a really nice area. Really tired of packing.

I haven't updated my blog this summer. I am sorry. I would promise to do it more after I move, but I won't have the internet in my apartment (at least not for a while). Though I am sure that Hannah, Caitlin and I will have many adventures together that will inevitably be put into a novel or ABCFamily original movie.

Why did I not update? I don't know. I really didn't do much of anything this summer. Literally, nothing at all. I just wanted a break from my normal self, and as a result I sort of sucked as a person for 8 weeks. And that made me realize that being myself makes me a better person, because come on: I. Am. Awesome.

So I'm going to be myself now. But that doesn't mean I'm going to update more often.

Baby steps.

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Blogger Rain-Dawg said ... (6:15 AM) : 

Haha, that is ok that you didn't answer. I had to exercise anyway. :-P You just kept me from procrastinating on it. Have fun moving in!


Blogger Cap'n Ganch said ... (2:29 AM) : 

"Baby steps down the hall ... baby steps down the hall ... baby steps to the door ... baby steps to the door ... baby steps to the elevator ... baby steps to the elevator ... baby steps in the elevator ... baby steps in the elevator ..."


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