September 14, 2004

One TWO three four...

"I smoke ten to fifteen cigars a day. At my age I have to hold on to something."
- George Burns

I just finished with Callbacks for Once Upon a Mattress. Then I took a shower. Now that I've committed to go to bed before midnight tonight, I will start a movie as soon as Charlie gets back.

Callbacks were interesting. They only lasted four hours (a true miracle), and everyone seemed to have a really good audition. That may sound good, but it really means that I did a good job, but dammit so did everyone else. I think I had a slight edge on singing, but on acting and dancing, everyone was pretty good. I was all excited about this year because token seniors had graduated, but there's a whole slew of talent that came with the freshman class. I'm hoping that seniority will play a small part (except for Jonny, who's a senior and whom I consider to be my biggest competition). Everything's up in the air right now, and Mrs. Craig will probably have "private callbacks" throughout tomorrow. So I guess I won't lose as much sleep tonight.

I took a shower in the basketball team showers this evening, not because the showers right across the hall were full, but because they are painfully cold. I took the eight-minute trek to the other side of Alumni, and had the best shower I've had in a month. I first turned on the water, and thought, "hey! this is warm!" and then I realized that I hadn't even turned the nozzle to its fullest. It was sheer bliss. I actually feel clean! I think I'll have to make that trip all the time now (as long as the basketball team isn't there. They're scary.)

And now I will watch Pi (I wish I could enter the symbol there) even though I have to get up early tomorrow and talk to Dr. Shaw about the two weeks of Biology I missed. I guess I forgot to mention that... Let that be another post. It's movie time.

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