September 13, 2004

Ah... Intermission

Waiting is torture. I loathe auditions.

Mrs. Craig neglected to tell us how we would find out about call backs. So now the lot of us sit in our rooms trying to distract ourselves, all the while seriously questioning how the last two nights have affected our lives.

I've been to at least 4 different places in the past half hour, and nothing has helped. At this point I think Mrs. Craig is just screwing with us. I mean, it's just the callback list!!! *gasp* or is it the cast list?! Is she deciding our fates tonight?! I never got the chance to tell her I was really trying out for Dauntless!! What if I just didn't even make callbacks and therefore didn't deserve an email?! Welcome to my head. Watch your step; it's a little crazy in here.

Now I'm just sitting and watching my audition become more and more horrific in my memory... You make me doubt myself, Craig! But what if I should doubt myself? What if I'm just crap? riding the coat tails of those who have now graduated?

I have her class tomorrow at 11:00. I predict that she will have big hair and will be wearing purple. Of course, that's only if she had a stressful night. I wonder if she'll take up homework...

As you might have guessed, I'm in contact with 6 theatre people right now, and everyone's asking the same damn questions. I'm going to to distract myself.

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